The « Trophée Granfondo des Alpes/Trofeo Granfondo delle Alpi » 2017 is a classification by
points established on 4 sportive events in the French and Italian Alps:

  • 28th of May – La Mercan’Tour Café du Cycliste Turini – Saint Martin Vésubie (06-France)
  • 18th of June – La Mercan’Tour Café du Cycliste Bonette – Guillaumes/Valberg (06-France)
  • 9th of July – La Fausto Coppi – Le Alpi del Mare – Cuneo (Piémont-Italie)
  • 30th of July – La Risoul Queyras Jollywear – Risoul (05-France)

Individual (scratch) classification and by categories will be organized (see art.4)


To enter the final general classification, the participants must have completed at least 3 out of the 4 events.
Participants who have completed 3 out of the 4 events but who have not completed the same course (short or long) can be included in the classification anyways. They will be in the classification of the course they have completed most times. (E.g. a participant completed two long courses and one short course, will enter the classification for the long course. Only the points collected for the long courses will be eligible for the count).
In case of an equal split (E.g. 2 long courses and 2 short courses), the long course will prevail.
Participation to the classification for «Trophée Granfondo des Alpes» requires acceptance of the present regulations by all participants.


Participants can register for the 4 events at once for 120€. Registrations are open un the 15th of
May 2017 via the following links:

After this date, participants will be able to register for the courses separately and will be included in the classification.


4.1 Course
Every event offers 2 courses, a short one and a long one.
Both courses will have a separate scratch and categories classification, see art.2.
Note: the organisation can offer other courses but these ones will not be included in the Trophy’s classification.

4.1 Categories
Women: A from 18 to 35 , B from 36 to 49, C over 50
Men: D from 18 to 39, E from 40 to 49, F from 50 to 59, G from 60 to 64, I over 65
Handisport: (H)
Reminder: the age selected is that of the civil year (e.g. a man born in July 1981 will be in category E for the full year).

4.1 Points attribution
On every event of the trophy, the first 50 of the scratch classification for every course (short and long) will be granted points. In addition to the points for scratch classification; points will be given on the classification for every category over 10 riders. Points will be attributed on the following basis:
– Scratch: 65, 60, 55, 52, 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 41, 40, 39 points … until 50th position 1 point
– Categories: 15, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 points over the first 10 of each category
The points collected for Scratch will help determine the classification for « scratch general » and the points collected for each category will help determine the classification by category.
Example: On one event, I finish on the 5th position for scratch on the long course and I am second of my category. I collect 50 points for « scratch – long course » and 12 points for my category’s classification.
The final general classification (scratch and category) for the Trophy will take into account the total of points for all 4 events.
In case of even results, participants who completed all 4 events will have the advantage. In case of a new even result, the comparison of the best position on a scratch classification will determine the position.
A 25 point bonus will be granted to all participants who completed the 4 events in scratch, and 10 points per category.

Article 5 - PRIZES

To be eligible for the final classification of the trophy, participants must have completed at least 3 out of the 4 events (art.2).
Will be rewarded:

  • the first 3 of the final scratch classification for short and long courses on the total of points collected for scratch classifications.
  • the first 3 of each category defined in article 4.2 on short and long courses on the total of points collected in their category.
  • the team that had the biggest number of participants over the 4 events will be rewarded too.

The prize collection will take place after the last event « la Risoul Queyras Jollywear » on the 30th of July 2017.

Article 6 - Trophy management

The « Trophée Granfondo des Alpes » will be managed by the company MerMonts Organisation: this involves the creation of the rules and regulations, the calendar, the coordination between the different organisations, the follow-up on the provisional and final general classifications and the coordination of the promotion.
For any enquiries about the events, please contact the different organisms for each event.

Article 7 - Promotion

The organisation of the events that fall within the trophy are the only ones allowed to use the mention “Epreuve comptant pour le Trophée Granfondo des Alpes/Trofeo Granfondo delle Alpi 2017 » in their communications.