See you in 2021

Cuneo International Granfondo, scheduled for Sunday 28 June, is postponed to next year. All registrations received so far will be deemed valid for the 2021 edition. The organization will donate 3,000 euros to the Foundation for the S. Croce and Carle onlus hospital in Cuneo.

Emma Mana and Davide Lauro, president and vice-president of ASD Fausto Coppi on the road, organizers of the granfondo:

“Dear cyclist & friends,
this news is probably not surprising.

It is a responsible decision for the Covid-19 emergency, a dutiful one, a matter of respect for coronavirus victims, for those who are suffering, for those on the front lines in hospitals and for all of us.

See you then on June 27, 2021. We have a full year ahead to make the 33rd edition of La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio something memorable. We promise you!

Registrations already received will be considered valid for the 2021 edition; further information will follow in regard to this.

In addition, the ASD Fausto Coppi on the road association will donate 3,000 euros to the Foundation for the S. Croce and Carle onlus hospital in Cuneo. This sum is to witness the embrace of cyclists and granfondo organizers to doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers committed to the front line for this emergency. Those who would like to join us are free to make a donation by May the 15th (IBAN IT62A0311110200000000020896 / Covid-19 reason). The amount will be delivered to the Foundation on June 28, with a virtual hug from Piazza Galimberti.

We attach to this note a photo of Colle Fauniera, a symbol of fatigue but also of success. At this moment, when we are pedaling one of the hardest climbs of our existence, without seeing the finish line yet, the majesty of this mountain – difficult to climb by bike, but on whose top you can admire one of the most beautiful panoramas of the whole Alpine arc – it can only give us comfort, hope and positivity. ”

This is the comment of Giovanni Monge Roffarello, CEO of Officine Mattio, the main partner of the granfondo: “La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio for us is not just an event to sponsor, it is family, it is Cuneo, it is home; these are our valleys and our territory. We are close to those affected by the emergency and those who are committed to fighting it. We all have to do our part right now. For this reason, we understand – and fully support – the choice of ASD Fausto Coppi on the road. We’ll be there!”

Colle Fauniera awaits us, we will go back to pedaling, and in 2021 it will be a great party.