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Frequent questions

When will La Fausto Coppi 2023 take place?

The 34th edition of the Granfondo la Fausto Coppi will be held on 25 JUNE 2023

How can I register for the Competition?

You can register online on the ENDU platform at the following link: Fausto Coppi 2023 registration

Until when can you register for the Competition?

Deadline for registrations: 21 June at 24:00 (subject to availability)

What categories are recognized during the competition?

Fausto Coppi recognizes the following categories:

  • Elite Sport 19/29 years
  • Masters 1 – 30/34 years
  • Masters 2 – 35/39 years
  • Masters 3 – 40/44 years
  • Masters 4 – 45/49 years
  • Masters 5 – 50/54 years
  • Masters 6 – 55/59 years
  • Masters 7 – 60/64 years
  • Master 8 – 65 to 79 years (after 70 years only Medio Fondo)
  • Elite Women Sport – 19/29 years old
  • Master Women 1 – 30/39 years
  • Master Women – 40/49 years old
  • Master Women 3 – 50 to 79 years (after 70 years only Medio Fondo)
  • Disabled category

How much does it cost to join La Fausto Coppi?

The cost of registering for the event is:

  • €50.00 until 31/12/2022
  • €60.00 until 04/30/2023
  • € 70.00 from 01/05/2023 to 21/06/2023 subject to availability
  • No. 200 places at € 120.00 for registrations in favor of the project “LET’S SAVE THE MOUNTAIN ROADS” with the right to start in the solidarity grid.

COMPANY cumulative registrations: for cumulative registrations, the Endu 1 platform will automatically recognize (one) free registration for every 10 paying athletes (11th free registration).

What does the participation fee include?

The participation fee includes the supply of the following services/goods: commemorative jersey of the event (it is mandatory to wear the 2023 jersey throughout the race under penalty of disqualification and request for abandonment of the competition), race number, mechanical assistance along the course, supplies, assistance health during the race, gifts, recovery in case of abandonment.

What will the new jersey of the 34th edition look like?

The official date on which the jersey of the 34th edition of the Granfondo la Fausto Coppi will be unveiled will soon be communicated.

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