A21 Torino-Piacenza
exit Asti Est, proceed on A33 Asti-Cuneo and exit at Sant’Albano Stura
Tel. +39.011.4373800

A6 Torino- Savona
con proseguimento su A33 Asti-Cuneo ed uscita a Sant’Albano Stura
Tel. +39.011.6650311

A33 Asti-Cuneo (works in progress)
exit Cuneo

Autostrade Italiane

For travellers arriving from France there are the following options:
– Colle dell’Agnello (Agello Pass m. 2.748 – always closed in Winter) that leads to the Varaita Valley and to the town of Saluzzo
– Colle della Maddalena (Maddalena Pass / Col de Larche m. 1.996) and Colle della Lombarda (Lombarda Pass m. 2.351 – always closed in Winter) that lead to the Stura Valley and to the towns of Borgo San Dalmazzo and Cuneo
– Colle di Tenda tunnel (m. 1.300 circa) that leads to the Vermenagna Valley and to the towns of Borgo San Dalmazzo and Cuneo


Aeroporto di Cuneo Levaldigi S.p.A. (20 km)
Str. Regionale 20, 1 – 12038 Levaldigi (CN)
Tel. +39.0172.741500-558 – Fax +39.0172.374300

Aeroporto Internazionale di Torino Caselle (135 km)
Str. San Maurizio 12 – 10072 Caselle Torinese (TO)
Tel. +39.011.5676361 – Fax +39.011.5676420

Aeroporti di Milano (Malpensa – 250 km e Linate – 262 km)
Tel. Call center SEA +39.02.232323

Aeroporto di Genova “C. Colombo” (132 km)
16154 Genova
Tel. +39.010.60151

Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur (135 km)
06281 Nizza Cédex 3 – (F)
Tel. +33.4.89889828


The main railway stations are located in the towns of Cuneo, Fossano, Savigliano, Mondovì and Saluzzo.

Tel. Call Center FS 892021

All the above information has been extracted from the contents of the ATL website, we invite you to visit for more information on the territory Cuneo and surroundings.